Cloud-Based Phone System

We are a cloud based VoIP services provider serving small and medium-sized businesses throughout the Chicago-metro area since 2006. With our cloud based phone system, as a busy CEO or business owner you have one less thing to worry about. We completely manage, support and maintain the phone system so you can focus on what matters most: running your business.

We offer a phone system for business (including the phone service) delivered completely from our data centers. There’s no hardware to buy or maintain beyond the phones themselves and your business can enjoy the benefits of a full-featured business PBX, without the expense of buying, deploying and maintaining your own PBX equipment.

Our cloud hosted phone system greets your callers with a professional menu of options to better route their call, gives business extensions for each employee with dial-by-name functionality and unlimited calling, plus many other features.  All top-tier business features of our cloud based VoIP phone system are included in all plans.

Virtual Office Solutions

Your business does not operate from an office space? Vox Connect Virtual Office is perfect for small or home-based businesses and gives you a full range of telecom features to create a professional image for your business. With our Virtual Office Solution, you can use your existing phones, both mobile or fixed line, without switching telecom providers and without installing any equipment.

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Number portability

Keep your existing phone numbers—port your existing phone number to Vox Connect.

Auto attendant

Professionally recorded, customizable greeting that lets callers choose the person or department they are trying to reach.

Voicemail to email

Forward voicemail messages to your email and retrieve them from your PC or portable device.

Find me anywhere

Never miss an important call. Easily forward calls to another number, inside or outside the organization, so they reach you wherever you are.


Stay connected to customers, employees and partners with our mobile apps services that support mobile and remote workforces.

HD voice quality

Vox Connect VoIP service supports HD voice audio for crystal-clear voice quality.

Receptionist functionality

Enable your staff to quickly and personally dispatch calls using available attendant consoles.

Hunt groups

Get calls to the right people at the right times, automatically. Vox Connect can help you set up hunt groups that match your business needs.


Overall paging to another department or extension within your organization.


Meet virtually with the included teleconferencing service for up to 10 callers.

VoIP Fax - eFax

Reliably send and receive faxes electronically from your PC, your mobile device or from your traditional fax machine.

Local, toll free and international numbers

Vox Connect provides local, toll-free and international phone numbers.

Benefits of VoIP for your Business

After implementing our VoIP phone service solutions, businesses experience the following benefits:

25%-75% lower cost compared to traditional phone service

With no hardware to buy upfront, no maintenance costs, and all-inclusive monthly charges, cloud-based phone systems are less expensive than traditional solutions. For a 20 person business, you save approximately $10,000 upfront on the cost of a traditional PBX, and thousands more annually because of no maintenance and lower monthly bills.

Rich functionality

Cloud phone systems bring you all the functionality of traditional enterprise phone systems and a whole lot more like fax in your inbox, advanced call routing, ability to make all changes instantly, and much more. Move to our cloud based phone system and never again pay for support, maintenance, upgrades, or changes.

Ease of setup and use

Changes in a business phone system can be intimidating. We’ll work with you to learn about your existing telecom infrastructure, provide a free on-site network assessment, advise and/or implement the necessary changes and install your VoIP equipment. Also, all technical aspects of the phone system itself are handled by our cloud management experts.

Scalability and flexibility

Cloud phone systems are extremely flexible and customizable to meet the needs of your business – so you can have your phone system exactly the way that you need it. And as your business grows, adding new users and locations is as easy as clicking a button.

Business-class Features at Economy Cost

Unlike competing phone companies, Vox Connect includes top-tier business features in all plans for a low monthly rate.

Uptime Guaranteed

Disaster Recovery and Redundancy with on-premise systems is complicated and expensive. Our cloud VoIP model provides an embedded continuity plan.

Advantages of using Vox Connect

Local setup and support

Vox Connect is proud to be a part of Chicago’s small business community. We provide on-site telecom assessment, advise and/or implement the necessary changes on your network, install your new VoIP phones and provide training on using your new VoIP phones and system.

Customized solutions to perfectly fit your business needs

Every small business is different. We’ll work with you to understand your telecom needs and customize the configuration of your cloud-based phone system ( also known as cloud based PBX or cloud hosted PBX ) to meet the specific needs of your business.

Service installation with no downtime

The phone system and phone service is a vital part of any business. We’ll migrate and install your cloud based phone system and service without any downtime.

Read about our proven approach to no downtime phone system migrations and installations

High-quality VoIP phone service

Secure, reliable, carrier-grade facilities serving customers in the US and Canada since 2006. Our state of the art Voice over IP infrastructure is monitored 24/7 by our team of expert engineers, ensuring reliability and uninterrupted operations.  With Vox Connect, your business will experience higher quality service at a lower price.

Free on-site VoIP assessment

Watch our short video to learn how our Free Telecom Assessment will put you in a much better position to make an informed, intelligent decision on whether or not you should upgrade your phone system, if your network is capable of handling VoIP AND which option(s) will work best for you.

Signup for a no cost, no obligation, FREE Telecom Assessment today:

we’ll come out to your office and do a complete communications analysis for your company. Our Free Phone System and Telecom Assessment will show you how to reduce your phone service costs by 25% to 70% while simultaneously improving the features and service of your current phone system.

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