Partner with us and increase your Revenue

Vendors, suppliers, system integrators, service providers and agents looking to leverage technology to help your company earn more money and win more competitive deals: We want to talk to you!

When you become Partner, you open your business to a new revenue channel capable of attracting more customers seeking a high value suite of Telecommunications and Technology Solutions. The strength of our strategic sales relationships is in our ability to offer the technology, sales support, marketing strategy, and implementation expertise to help you close more deals.

Compensation Plan

As a Vox Connect Partner we will pay you 100% of the first month’s monthly recurring revenue of your resold account when they become a customer in good standing*, or a recurring 10% for the life of the account. There are no selling quotas and no territories.

How to get started

To get started contact us or call us at: 1.773.922.6188

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