The lifespan of a business phone system

Today’s technology allows customers to engage with brands and companies across a broad range of platforms and mediums. But the telephone still remains an essential communication tool for businesses. It makes sense then to invest in a phone system that lasts, and our advice will help you find just that.

Different phone systems

Phones have come a long way, from analog landlines to digital handhelds. Today’s businesses need a phone system that can service their … Continue reading

Top 4 reasons to move your phone system to the cloud

When it comes to Business Phone Systems, there are several decisions that an organization must make.

Perhaps the most basic, though important, is whether to pursue an on-premise or cloud-based solution. While there are advantages to both, many organizations are increasingly reaching the conclusion that a cloud-based option is superior. Here are four reasons why cloud business phone systems are becoming more popular:

1. Lower Upfront Cost – One of the biggest advantages offered by … Continue reading

Choosing your businesses phone system – cloud-hosted vs. on-premises

If you’re looking to upgrade your phone system and weighing the differences between on-premise and hosted in the cloud, consider these factors to get the solution that best meets your need:

1. Feature Costs. Obviously the most important factor to consider is which features are offered in each. Most hosted providers don’t offer the same features that are available in the premises-based solution. If critical business communications features like queues, IVRs and conferencing are missing … Continue reading

Phone System migration and installation with minimum downtime

The phone system and phone service is a vital part of any business and we have a proven approach to minimize downtime. We’ll migrate your phone numbers, install your new IP phones, customize your Cloud Phone System for your specific needs and activate the phone service with minimum downtime. Here is how we do it:

Discovery Phase

  • We evaluate your existing phone system, phone lines/numbers and fax numbers.
  • We evaluate the existing call flow, auto-attendant,
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