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There’s one less thing to worry about when we manage and support your communications system

If you are trying to enable your employees to work from home, we are offering a FREE, cloud-based business phone system including a Mobile VoIP app that we can set-up for all your employees during this crisis.

Vox Connect offers phone systems and services that are delivered straight from our secure data centers. Our clients enjoy the benefits of a fully featured business PBX, without the additional expense of buying, deploying, and maintaining your own PBX equipment, nor buying new hardware other than VoIP Phones.

Give your callers an interactive experience with professional options such as call routing, dial-by-name functionalities, on-hold music, video conference, and so much more. Don’t be tied to a monthly phone bill as you can freely choose from any of our plans to fit your budget and needs.

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  • How to avoid getting talked into unnecessary bells and whistles and expensive maintenance contracts.
  • How to avoid getting locked into a complicated system that you can’t support in-house, or expand without significant upgrade costs.
  • What features and support to demand in the basic package.
  • Why it’s so important to purchase an “open system”.
  • The single most important feature in a voicemail system; overlook this feature and you’ll regret it forever.
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