Phone System migration and installation with minimum downtime

The phone system and phone service is a vital part of any business and we have a proven approach to minimize downtime. We’ll migrate your phone numbers, install your new IP phones, customize your Cloud Phone System for your specific needs and activate the phone service with minimum downtime. Here is how we do it:

Discovery Phase

  • We evaluate your existing phone system, phone lines/numbers and fax numbers.
  • We evaluate the existing call flow, auto-attendant, hunt groups and voice mail.
  • We do an IT assessment of the existing local network infrastructure and internet service. If any upgrades are needed, we’ll provide a detailed assessment.

Configuration Phase

  • Based on our findings from the Discovery Phase, we configure your cloud based phone system, auto attendants, hunt groups, dial-directory and other features to best accommodate your unique business needs.
  • We provide the full configuration and installation of the new VoIP Phones.
  • We provide standard configuration of your local network for highest voice quality.

Installation, Activation and Training Phase

  • We’ll coordinate the installation and activation of service to ensure minimum or no down time of your phone service.
  • If porting your existing phone numbers to us, we’ll coordinate with existing carrier to ensure a smooth transition of service with minimum interruptions.
  • Additionally, we’ll ensure that your dedicated staff understands how to use their new phones.

Ongoing Support

  • Network Operations Engineers proactively monitor our network and systems to respond to any issues that might arise.
  • Because the team that works with each client is well defined, we’ll have the opportunity to develop a personal knowledge of our client’s system setup, business and people

Do you have any questions about migrating your old PBX system to VoIP? Schedule a Free Phone System and Telecom Assessment to find out how much you can save by migrating to a VoIP Phone System

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