Top 5 Ways to Use VoIP to Improve Your Productivity

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a technological advance that enables your business to grow sales and cut costs, using cutting-edge telecom technology. Here are just a few ways you can use VoIP to leverage your business to the max!

Hosted PBX

Using the power of cloud computing, your business can enjoy the benefits of a full-featured PBX, without the expense of buying, deploying and maintaining your own PBX equipment. Hosted PBX gives your business extensions for each employee, dial-by-name functionality, and can even greet your callers with a professional menu of options to better route their calls. With Hosted PBX, “Press 1 for Sales” is more than just a greeting; it means increased sales are at your fingertips!

Already have your own PBX equipment? SIP Trunking solutions can help you enjoy cost-effective VoIP calling while still using your existing legacy PBX equipment.


While VoIP offers cost-effective calling, not all of your employees are at their desks, all the time. Your company can enjoy its own mobile softphone app, branded with your company’s name and logo, fully integrated with any Hosted PBX extension, or as a separate phone number for both inbound or outbound calls. “On-Net” calls between your employees using the mobile app are free! Mobile softphone apps can be downloaded for free using both Android or Apple iOS devices. When used with wifi, mobile apps can make or receive calls even when you are traveling to a foreign country, without expensive roaming charges.

Work-at-Home Phone

With VoIP, your employees can work at home, on the road, or anywhere they need. Using an IP Phone, or a traditional analog phone with an ATA device, you can provide your employees with a work-at-home phone line without expensive installation from their local phone company. Simply plug into any high-speed internet connection to make or receive calls, virtually anywhere in the world. Traveling? Moving? Many IP Phone models and ATAs are portable! A work-at-home IP phone can function like any other extension on your Hosted PBX, just like the employee was in the office!

Virtual Numbers

Need a local phone number for customers to call you from a far-off city or country? Virtual Phone Numbers look and feel like local phone numbers, and can be dialed as local calls. Your business can have a phone number not only in many US cities, but in Europe, Asia, Latin America and other places. This gives your business a global look, without the expense of having remote offices. Virtual Phone Numbers can easily be forwarded, so they ring where you want them to ring.


Want to turn people browsing your website into real customers? Need an easy way for people to contact your Call Center for support or customer service? Click-to-Call services allows you to place a convenient icon on your website. People enter their phone number, click on the icon, and a call is automatically placed between you and them.

Vox Connect can provide you with any of these services, and more. Have a unique communications need you’d like discuss? Contact us today.

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