The Top 4 Reasons To Consider Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

The Cloud Is No Longer The Future—It Is Now

“During the past few decades, modern technology, with radio, TV, air travel, and satellites, has woven a network of communication which puts each part of the world in to almost instant contact with all the other parts.” Communication has advanced at warp speed over the past few years with the introduction of VoIP. What is VoIP? How did it start? What makes it attractive? And – … Continue reading

Is a Cloud-Based Phone System Right for My Business?

You’re looking for a new phone system.

Maybe the cost to support and upgrade your old in-house phone system is unsustainable and your trusted phone technician is just not available when you need him. Or maybe you are looking for an opportunity to improve the productivity of your business while cutting costs by leveraging the cloud.

Whatever your reasons, you’re now faced with a very difficult decision. There are so many companies out there, all … Continue reading

Top 5 Ways to Use VoIP to Improve Your Productivity

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a technological advance that enables your business to grow sales and cut costs, using cutting-edge telecom technology. Here are just a few ways you can use VoIP to leverage your business to the max!

Hosted PBX

Using the power of cloud computing, your business can enjoy the benefits of a full-featured PBX, without the expense of buying, deploying and maintaining your own PBX equipment. Hosted PBX gives your business extensions … Continue reading